The new Seven Natural Wonder… Amazon

Amazon jungle one of the wonder of new Seven Natural Wonder has elected recently. It is a most familiar & longest jungle all over the world. It is largest rain forest also. Amazon is located in South America within 9 countries. These are Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guyana, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela. It total areas are 70 lakhs square kilometers and the wide of main part of its 55 lakhs square kilometers.

The river which has flown through between the Amazons is the world longest and largest river by the area. The 4river has another importance that Amazon River is 1/5 part of the total river way all over the world. But it is a wonder that it has no a single bridge over the Amazon River. There are many known-unknown nocturnal & ferocious animal and trees in the jungle. It is said that there has a few types Cannibal tress. The slippery way, caves, canals, fountains, lakes etc are located here & there. It is a great source to adventurous men. 

A tribal group lived in the Amazon forest, named Red-Indian. They are   brave & lead a simple life depending on this jungle. Amazon jungle is not only the largest jungle but also it is a Mystery, a natural beauty, a safety place of animals. For these reasons Amazon forest has known as a wild-beautiful forest.


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