The world largest Tunnel Cave

Hang Son Doong Cave

Hang Son Doong cave is the largest cave network all over the world. It is situated in Quang Binh province of Vietnam. It had invented 18 years ago. The British Cave research organization Chief, named Howard Limbert was measured of the cave network wide on 10 April in 2009.
Strange Hang Son Doong Cave
The Hang Son Doong wide more than 200m and height more than 150m and it is 6.5km long. Before discovering the cave the Malaysian cave “Deer” was the largest cave of the world. Hang Son Doong is located beside the national garden called Phong nha Ke Bang. The cave is made with 150 small caves. It very interesting matter that the research team cannot find the end point of Hang Son Doong.
Hang Son Doong research team
In 2009 Howard Limbert starts to discover it from Phong nha Ke Bang Park. Limbert and his team had faced many problems in during this period. There were poisonous Snakes, big size Spider, many stranger animal and known-unknown tress in the world largest cave.
Hang Son Doong Cave Jungle
The team had seen many small water Fount, Jungle and many tunnel way. It is very easy to pass throwing between the tunnels from one province to another province of Vietnam. It looks like a double-decker bus from far. For these reason, Hang Son Doong is known a most attractive cave all over the world.


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