Britney Spears is generous tip

Britney Spears
As Britney Spears (30) was eating with her boys Jayden and Sean at a restaurant in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, a waitress she was very grateful. As a reward for the woman there was then a generous tip of $ 100. After her youngest son Jayden was terribly bad mood that day and did not want to stop crying.

That was with the waitress and brought the little ones just crayons. They have also to immediately calm and Jayden Britney Spears Mom could enjoy the trip alone with her boys.

An eyewitness, who was there, spoke to the National Enquirer about the incident and said how great the waitress was.

A friendly waitress, who was not responsible for their table, saved the day and came up with a box of crayons and began to paint action characters. The tears of Jayden were dried immediately, as he and his brother were totally absorbed and happy.

In gratitude for the rescue, there were additional to the normal gratuity or $ 100 extra for the waitress. And although Britney Spears at the moment, not only must decide on their money.


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