"Let's Dance" Rebecca I was scared!

Rebecca Mir
Rebecca Mir is not yesterday for the first time a 'Maybe' to the decision of Let's Dance which means that they fear with two other competitors for the next round must, while the others breathe even easier. But somehow Rebecca felt it this time as particularly bad. "Well, I was really scared now, because it really is not a nice feeling when you shiver in the red light must be," she admitted over celebrity flash.

This is probably because the decision of the audience is simply incalculable, and a candidate in spite of good judges rating can also fly out quickly. "In the meantime, just all great competitors. And you just know that as well as Lars - he has proved again today - has an incredible fan base, which brings him more every week. One can never judge of who goes and why it is getting worse from week to week. It has been more panic when you stand up there and says: Who is next? Hence, the very bad, "said Rebecca.

They also know that she clearly has some weaknesses in their dance and it is now, when training with partner Massimo Sinato or get rid of: "Today for me was that my leg stance was criticized and I work on it yet needs. Luckily I have the chance to improve next week. "

The 20-year-old Rebecca Mir certainly hopes to secretly place the next time a brisk pace on the dance floor may be because Rebecca has noticed in recent weeks clearly  what her dances are good and which not more: "So I have the most paso doble and salsa was fun. In it I was able to rise properly. Where do I have to say that it was difficult to learn, although it was fun, was the Viennese waltz, because I became really dizzy because of all the turns. Since I got a worm turning. "

Well, because we're curious to see if her "Let's Dance" managers are doing a favor. But we are sure, Rebecca I am ambitious enough, and dances that you are not as comfortable to continue to cope with flying colors.


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