Rihanna: My Date posted sexy photos


From Rihanna can not exactly say that she hid herself and her body. Very confidently she posted this week bikini pictures of themselves, now continues this exaggerated self-expression. There have emerged new pictures of RiRi, they show the play around with their mobile phone. That alone would still not be as exciting, they were not there so tight clothed.

She has nothing but a bathrobe, and you can clearly see a breast. The picture should have posted her best friend Melissa Forde, which is indeed more recently, private cuddle with the singer. Apparently the 24-year-old pop singer from Barbados Superstar had not noticed that she was photographed.

Meanwhile, it seems to have the pictures in Instagram deleted, maybe that special someone something about it had to post the picture?

Rihanna tweeted that she just has her first photo shoot for the popular magazine "Harper's Bazaaar" brought upon the stage.


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