Justin Bieber more Smart and pimped Superbike!

Justin Bieber
How many vehicles have Justin Bieber (19) really? In any case, not enough! Because along with his bodyguard, he went to a Ducati dealer this week in Hollywood.

Apparently he has made a limited edition bike there, which was recommended to him by his friend and mentor Usher (33). However, the super-star has in the past admitted he has always wanted a motorcycle.

The piece, a Ducati 848 Superbike EVO has a price tag of $ 20,000. While Justin Bieber has opted for a white model is available with a black usher in the garage.

But before he can drive through Los Angeles, so he has to wait a bit. At the moment, he has no motorcycle license, but he is already busy working on it.

And yes, he also has his new Smart. He has had to pimp the way, something. For instead of "smart car", as usual, is "swag Car" on the wagon.


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