Hugh Jackman: Wolverine 2 makes Sydney insecure!

Even films like Mission: Impossible 2, "Independence Day" "The Matrix" and "Australia" were filmed in the beautiful country of Australia. Many of them were filmed in Sydney, the largest city on the continent. Now another blockbuster set to this list and that "The Wolverine", the second part of the hit movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

Of course, this also plays Hugh Jackman (43) again the main role and he should be glad it is especially to be back in his birthplace. According to the online service, Digital Spy, the actor said on Friday: "I can’t be more excited to return to Australia again and turning to the next chapter of 'Wolverine' saga. I thank the Federal Office and the Government of New South Wales, that they support the project. "Most of the action takes place in Japan, however, it was learned already. Hugh is looking forward to very definitely on the shooting: "It is just great to work with such a talented crew. Moreover, the fact so many job opportunities arises for so many people from different industries. "But he will not only work but also very clever use of his time.”Not to mention that Deb and I will spend a lot of time with the family in Australia."

Can currently he is still with the shooting of the film adaptation of the musical "Les Miserables" and proves to be there working as a singer. "The Wolverine" will probably be released in theaters until 2013.


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