Euro 2012: Lena Gercke as a player too sexy woman?

Lena Gercke

Euro 2012: Lena Gercke (24) and Sami Khedira (25) develop just to the German equivalent of the Beckhams.  It should the European Championship, the performances of the German team in the focus of media coverage and is not the sexiness of Lena, at least, is the team leader of the DFB.

The fact is the 25-year-olds have told the Bild newspaper reports, according to that it would not particularly like to see if the model is spectacular in her guest appearances in sexy outfits in scene. Since their arrival in Poland and she is pursued by photographers at every turn.

Sami Khedira is rather proud of his girlfriend and his self-confidence that absolutely nothing wrong with her style of dress. So it is quite normal that a model can also send private Dress. "It's quite nice for the men, they have something to watch!" He should have commented on the note.

Also, we dare to doubt that Lena is now cheering evening in slacks and sweater by far her Sami. Then we lost in the quarterfinals next round against Greece. And let's face it: Such a game would be without the sexy girls around it but only half as interesting, right?

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