Thousands of roses for Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

On the third anniversary of Michael Jackson spent thousands of roses have been laid down at the grave of the singer. As the celebrity portal "Tmz" reported one fan had organized the campaign with donations from around the world.

More than 10,000 roses were brought to the Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale near Los Angeles, it said. Moreover decorated hundreds of bouquets, teddy bears and posters, the temporary memorial in front of the magnificent mausoleum where Jackson had been buried ten weeks after his death, as the "Los Angeles Times" wrote.

Michael Jackson's brother Randy equipped a visit to the cemetery. "Tmz" According to the mingled with the grieving fans posed for photos and rubbed himself again and again tears from her eyes.

Michael Jackson was on 25 Died in June 2009, after his personal physician Conrad Murray had given him an anesthetic drug as a sleep aid. The doctor was convicted last November of involuntary manslaughter for the maximum sentence of four years in prison.


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