Jack Osbourne thanked his fans

Jack Osbourne with sister Kelly
Just a day after reality star Jack Osbourne made public that he is suffering from multiple sclerosis, he thanked his fans today for the sympathy.

A few weeks ago he received from his doctors told the grim diagnosis, after he has lost his right eye sixty percent of his eyesight. That was just two weeks after the birth of his baby daughter Clementine Pearl in April.

"I thank you all for your kind and inspiring words" just tweeted the 26-year-old. "It really means a lot."

His sister Kelly Osbourne reported to have their say. She wrote "Please support my brother @ mrjacko not only because of his bravery, but also his openness. I love you so much Jack & I am so proud of you! "

However, Mother Sharon makes the allegations, "I always ask myself, What have I done wrong? What I ate or drank when I was pregnant? 'I feel as if it were somehow my fault. "

We wish the whole family the best during this difficult time.


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