Lady Gaga: How does their perfume!

Lady Gaga Perfume

Fans of Lady Gaga have been waiting anxiously for the launch of her first fragrance, now, the first leaked images of the bottle!

Supposedly, the singer wanted to smell the fragrance lotions such as "blood and semen." She has hopefully their mind, otherwise the product would probably mutate into a shop keeper.

On the bottle, the fragrance itself reads a bit friendly. "Fame" will contain the "tears of belladonna, a bruised heart of a tiger orchid, the mourning veil of incense, powdered apricot, and the combined essences of saffron and honey-drops."

Well, now most of us probably are not really smart. Gaga, who is currently touring the world, but should have actually introduced a (own) blood sample for the development, whatever you imagine the must.

"It was taken from my own blood, so it's a feeling of mine on the skin," the 26-year-old said in an interview. Although she wanted to bring a sense of blood and semen, but in reality it smell like "an expensive hooker."

From the autumn you can buy the perfume! In our little gallery you can watch the finished product...


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