Rihanna: Kisses for cardboard Bieber and evacuation


Rihanna should have got the wind up a bit today broke into her London hotel as a fire.

The singer, as well as all the other guests had to be evacuated and after she posted pictures on Twitter of the application.

A spokesman for the Corinthia Hotels was announced that the engine of a service elevator caught fire. The smoke then triggered the fire alarm. After a safety briefing, guests were allowed back inside.

But running quite smoothly, so far not for Rihanna in the trip to London. Last weekend haute her bodyguard knocks a photographer who was too intrusive.

Nice if you can distract yourself because, for example, with Justin Bieber . Yesterday RiRi loaded up two funny pictures, look at the beaver to a guy with a mask on your face is. She pressed a kiss on the cheek side. The second image is less flattering, because the fake teen star is actually sitting on the toilet.


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