Kristen Stewart on the cover of Vanity Fair

Kristen Stewart

In March, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson together were in Paris. But they cannot enjoy the city of love, only do the work. Kristen Stewart attend at the MTV Movie Awards 2012.

This beautiful picture of Kristen was created to be admired in the July issue of Vanity Fair. 
In an interview with the magazine, the actress revealed that she really does not matter if it is criticized by other people because of their appearance. 

“I have often been criticized, because I do not look perfect on any image. I get quite a shit why. It is not embarrassed. I'm proud of it.”

She believes that she would keep the people to be spurious, if they would look at pictures always perfect. So she looks up to half of the images rather "crappy" made. 

Rob also was allowed to come into the interview to speak. He explained that the press determines the image that prevails in the media by Kristen. 

“The people have chosen, as they perceive them. No matter how many times they smile, they show one picture where she does not smile.”

Although Kristen Stewart on many images are not perfect looks but the pictures that have made it into the Vanity Fair are fantastic! 

Thanks to "Twilight" changed the life of Kristen Stewart abruptly. But when was actually the moment when she realizes that? 

You can search my name on Google and get one of the first pictures shows me as I sit on my porch and smoke a pipe with my boyfriend and my dog. It was taken on the day when the film came out. I was nobody. I was a kid. I just turned 18th.”

After this incident, she was no longer in her underwear in front of the door, she says. For ever since constantly lurking paparazzi on them, a picture of her wish.


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