Finding a simple man as a boyfriend…

Amanda Seyfried , the youngest and  sexy actress of Hollywood, wants a boyfriend who is a non famous person and leads a very simple life. She feels boar from her ex-relationship with Ryan Phillippe. Her ex- boyfriend is a Hollywood actor also. Amanda Seyfried was born on 3rd December, 1985 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

25- Years old, Amanda thinks that a celebrity has no very personal life. And she/he can’t deals a simple life as a simple man. Because of she has decided to get a man who has no popularity and familiarity.

Seyfried and Phillippe broke-up their relationship this year. She wants to continue a life there has no public Curiosity, no public eye, and no media coverage. Recently, Seyfried has suffered by Panic attacks.

She added a statement that their ex- relation had positive but she realized deeply they both are star. It is a throne of their normal life. She also realized that sometimes a single life is better than a relationship. 


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