The mystery of Celebrity Phone Hacking Scandal Rescue by FBI


FBI Arrested a Florida man in case of Celebrities e-mail and Phone Hacking Scandal including Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba on Wednesday.

This Florida man mane is Christopher Chaney, 35-year-old. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Chaney works on his personal computer at home. Basically, he alleged for hacking e-mail account of celebrities.
Chaney hacked celebrities e-mail, website as well as Twitter and Facebook account. He broke the password & collected the address book, personal cell number and photo which are saved in their email account.

Chaney had an email account which is forwarding program system that automatically sent a duplicate of any messages of the celebrities. So if anyone changes their account password, He already knows it.
Florida man has no group, only he has done everything and no plan to make contact with celebrities or sell information, federal officials said.

But alas! Mr. Chaney broke some celebrities account password, collect nude photo and then upload these photo on the Internet, said Andre Birotte Jr. U.S. Attorney.

He had sent in a Jacksonville court Wednesday. If Mr. Chaney convicted of the 26 counts, he will face a maximum 121 years in federal prison, Birotte said.

In 2005, the first celebrity photo hacked from Hilton's phone by hacker. After shown naked photos of rapper Kreayshawn wrote on her blog that Kreayshawn Twitter account was hacked.

On Wednesday, FBI Arrested A Jacksonville man, Chaney in case of Scarlett Johansson cell-phone hacking and uploaded nude image on the internet.


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