Prince Harry spent night with Californian cocktail waitress?

Prince Harry & Jessica Donaldson

Jessica Donaldson, a Californian cocktail waitress dates with Prince Harry in nightclub Andaz Hotel, San Diego. Jessica works as a “bottle girl” in San Diego nightclub. Donaldson, 26 Accused patterned kissing Prince Harry in nightclub.

Prince Harry is so cute and she like him so much, said pretty girl Jessica Donaldson. She also added, "I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a total gentleman to me." 

But Jessica 26, was met Prince Harry in a VIP area in nightclub. Harry is a permanent customer in the nightclub who enjoys some beers with his guys.

In October 7, 2011 Prince Harry entered five-star Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego. Though Jessica, known as ‘Jes’ bottle girl so she sell bottle of Belvedere and Absolut Vodka with mixers and she take charge £350 par table.


In the nightclub of Andaz Hotel, if someone buys a table then he/she gets a bottle of vodka, soft drink and some mixer. If you want to meet hot girls then bottle girl help you, said Jessica. She also added, to more sell we earn more on commission.

 Harry’s full name is Henry Charles Albert David was born on 15 September 1984 in London. Prince Harry is the son of Diana, Princess of Wales and Charles, Princess of Wales.

Harry came with a big group and a few security men with him in the night club. Donaldson waited on his table. They had drunk three bottles and First two bottle paid by harry and third by his friend.

For watching Rugby World Cup match they moved to a poolside. Towards the end of the night, Prince took Jessica’s number by his bodyguard and he invites Jessica and another girl for brunch the next day.

Jessica with boyfriend
Harry spent the whole night with pretty girl Jessica Donaldson in Suite 202 about £70-a-night Marriott Courtyard in Solano Beach said a source. But Jessica denies it. Sales manager said , we had no idea Prince Harry was coming.

On the other hand, Jessica Donaldson loves nightclub promoter Brandon Thomason, 28 near of three years. Brandon said, It must have been another girl cause harry has lots of girls.

After saw the photo Brandon talk with Jes about her and Jes assured me that nothing went on, said Mr. Brandon. He believes Jessica & also believes they didn’t kiss.


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