American Comedian Robin Williams Rebind in marriage

Robin Williams & Susan Schneider

American actor Robin Williams declares that he married a graphic designer Susan Schneider on Sunday.
Robin Williams was born on 21 July, 1951 in Chicago, America. He is a celebrated comedian & American actor. From 1980, He started his film performance.
Robin Williams & Valerie Velardi (First wife)
In 1983, Robin Williams married to Valerie Velardi. This was his first marriage. Last of 1988 Robin and Valerie officially give divorce. And Williams' second marriage was to Marsha Garces on 30 April, 1989.

Here at last is not, on Sunday again he married a graphic designer Susan Schneider at the Meadowood Resort in the Napa Valley town. The before day of marriage ceremony Susan Schneider said, she is so excited and thrilled to getting married Robin Williams. 
Robin Williams & Marsha Garces (Second Wife)

Oscar winner Robin Williams has two children, Zelda and Cody, 19 of his second wife Marsha Garces. The Academy Award-winning actor, Robin’s daughter Zelda Tweeted "Let the wedding madness begin!"

Begging of 2009, Williams met with graphic designer Susan Schneider before his heart surgery. After Williams’s heart surgery Susan helped him back to Healthy life.

The Oscar-winning funnyman Williams, 60, has enjoyed huge success in Hollywood, but he has facing many problems in his personal life. Now Robin Williams and Susan Schneider both are happy after married.


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