DiCaprio and Blake lively officially apart

Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake lively love has broken up; Love duration was only five month. In May 2011 DiCaprio and Blake lively first romantically meet up at the Cannes Film Festival. From then this Hollywood romantic couple is growing closer. But after five month what is happened in their-self ? DiCaprio, 36 and Blake 24, confirmed to their break up.

DiCaprio’s birth name is Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. He was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California. He is an American film actor and film producer. “Titanic” movie is one of the most famous movies in his whole life in. In 1997 by this movie (Titanic) he had stated his achieving life with international fame. Blake lively was born on August 25, 1987 in California. She is Star model and American actress. Blake lively is also known as Gossip Girl.

In Hollywood this couple was best-looking pair. Leo and Blake, both are officially called its quite. But what’s the reason?  If you have any comments please mention it.


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