Sylvia Robinson is Only Remembrance Now

Sylvia Robinson, “Mother of Hip-Hop” does not survive in the world. She died on Thursday at the age of 75 from congestive heart failure in a New York hospital. Her birth name is Sylvia Vanterpool. She was born on March 6, 1936 in New York City. She was an American singer, song writer, performer, and musician.

Sylvia was a chief music star. In 14 years old, When Robinson under the name Little Sylvia then she started production records in New York. After some days Robinson met a guitarist Mickey Baker. From then both started playing in cooperation. In 1956, they recorded “Love is Strange” as Mickey and Sylvia. In 1957 this record went to number 1 on the R&B charts. In 1964, Sylvia got married Joe Robinson and she started a new life with music & husband.

Sylvia Robinson wrote the song “Pillow Talk” in 1971 but it took two years before the record was released. At least in 1973 “Pillow Talk” was released. But this record went to number 3 on 100 hit songs on the R&B charts. Pillow Talk is biggest hit song of her whole life as a solo artist.

Robinson becomes more famous by recording “Rapper's Delight” which was written by Sugarhill Gang. It’s amazing that this also major hit reaching number 4 on the R&B and 36 on the pop charts.

In 1986 Sylvia and Joe both facing problem but it is very lamentable matter that the ensuing problems led to the divorce of Sylvia and Joe. After divorce of Sylvia she was the owner of Sugar hill Gang.

Sylvia is stay alive by three children and a number of grand and great-grandchildren. We are bound to say, Sylvia Robinson is the Mother of Hip-Hop.


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