Bruce Springsteen had to struggle with depression

Bruce Springsteen
U.S. rock musician Bruce Springsteen has apparently suffered in the 1980s depression.
As the U.S. magazine "The New Yorker" was told in an interview with Springsteen's friend and biographer Dave Marsh, rock musicians went through probably several depressive episodes that were far more serious than occasional feelings of guilt, "a rich man in a poor man's shirt."
After his acoustic masterpiece "Nebraska" In 1982, he had gone into psychological treatment. "He had thoughts of suicide," said Marsh of the magazine. "The depression itself was not shocking. He was on his way to the top and then he got these fuck-you days and nights. That could have started with a few inner conflicts about the real self-worth. "
Much of it was due to Springsteen's childhood and his father angry depressive.


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