Kelly Brook bikini bathing beauty shows pride-curves

Kelly Brook

The debate about so-called thin models does not stop. Every now and again we see skinny models on the catwalks this world go and present the stars in recent years rather than bone curves. Kelly Brook bikini shows at bathing time openly. One that Kelly Brook seems to not care about this trend.

The British actress Kelly Brook appears in her body feel good all around, even if it is not necessarily the size zero trends. While fans has made ​​some time ago still worried because the actress had clearly lost weight. However, show the latest pictures: Kelly has returned to its old character and is at her curves. 

Kelly Brook is currently in Italy and her favorite holiday garment seems to be the bikini. This you can also wear really: your body is not scary skinny, are not too many pounds on her ribs. In Kelly Brook’s blue-white-striped bikini is clear: The actress has just a beautiful figure! We hope that this example to follow in the future even more stars and we remain appalling bony beach photos saved.


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