Poor Selena? Justin Bieber check it out girls

Justin Bieber

Pop sensation Justin Bieber is actually happy with his girlfriend Selena Gomez dating, even though the two young stars now talking a separation or relationshipbreak. Should there really no longer work with Selena and then there would at least have given the evidence that someone else might think more of the Justin.

When the millionaire "Boyfriend" singer namely a face-to-face interview at Rolling gave Stone magazine, for which he was well as cover-boy. Hollywood actress Mila Kunis has been present simultaneously in the vicinity. And the 18-year-old Justin Bieber would be, it Josh Eells wrote in the article of the magazine almost jumped off his chair when he learned of the visit was nice.

When Justin, the 28-year-old "Ted" actress finally came face to face, he should be blushing. And not only you were supposed to be his eyes, even as a pretty girl in a white dress walked by to go to the bathroom, the girls would swarm him after staring.

But Selena has probably still worry about her famous boyfriend would seriously flirt with one another; he finally had to offer in this regard probably quite a few chances.


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