Crocodile is just a beaver


The alleged crocodile in a Bavarian lake has turned out to be plain. "The evaluation of cameras in the wild shore area has shown no signs of a crocodile" city spokesman Lothar Mulzer said on Monday.

The phantom crocodile "Klausi" the city more than a week had kept long in suspense. The two witnesses had indicated that they had seen about a meter long animal with a long tail and claws. As the authorities took seriously the information, a bathing ban was imposed. Numerous searches - even at night and with 70 task forces - were unsuccessful. Subsequently, the city had decided to monitor the bank with four game cameras.

The agency evaluated the 3700 images from the photo traps. "There were foxes, herons, seeing free-roaming dogs and broken branches on it but not a crocodile" said Mulzer. It was not necessary to consider a reptile expert. Schwandorfs Mayor Helmut Hey (SPD) and the clerk's office manager and a fireman had evaluated the images.

"Now can restore calm," said Mulzer. It could also be bathed again unencumbered in the lakes. Especially in the adjacent natural pool Klausensee the guests had failed in the past few days. Here lies the body of water in the "Klausi" suspects is several hundred meters away.


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