Hot Photo! P. Diddy in a provocative pose

P. Diddy

Rapper P. Diddy actually lives in the lap of luxury. The artist is not for nothing called himself "King of Rap" but he bears love to royal gowns, celebrated on luxury yachts and spends his time with the sexiest women. The fact that he enjoys life to the fullest, the 42-year-old proves with a very sexy self shot twitter picture.

There you can see Sean Combs, as the musician is in real after a woman in a bikini. The hand grasps the back of the legs of their intimate place. P. Diddy looks while lasciviously at the camera has a toothpick in his mouth and shows his expensive being around his neck, fingers and wrist.

He wrote but still smooth. "I love Pu *** ys" Who is the unknown, is not known in all probability it could but his on-off girlfriend and R & B singer Cassie be.

Whoever can be grabbed by the tycoon Star shall enjoy in any case his presence. Finally, a diamond necklace, the hip of the bronzed beauty adorns the slim figure - and we'd like to think that this was a gift from the multi-millionaire.


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