Cartier introduces a new Superhero: the high-efficiency wristwatch Astrotourbillon

2009, the luxury brand Cartier has launched its "Innovation and Development Program". The first result is the "Cartier ID One Concept Watch" a clock in the style of the "Ballon Bleu" with high-efficiency technology, thanks to the set the clock never has to be adjusted or regulated - neither from work nor ever after.
Anchor escapement wheel, balance wheel and the two bridges are inhibition of carbon crystal, a diamond-like material which can get on the mechanics without a drop of oil. The housing Consists of niobium-titanium, a lightweight and hypoallergenic alloy scratch and shock resistant than steel.
The concept watch met all claims wowed the audience and demonstrated the ability of the prestigious watch manufacturer, but unfortunately there were no plans to bring this brilliant design on the market. Anyway far.
Now these technological advancements in the "Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal" on the application a new model, the Cartier announced last week. So this clock has a special voice and mechanism of inhibition as on additional pointer.
The premiere for the Salon International Haute Horlogerie in 2013, the world famous Geneva Fair for luxury watches. Then on extremely limited edition of 50 pieces of niobium-titanium examined will be available - for a reasonable six-figure price.


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