Courtney Stodden: Teen bride is reality TV star

Courtney Stodden
Despite her young age, Courtney Stodden has one of the biggest Hollywood scandal of noodles. At just 16, she married last year's 35 years older "Green Mile" actor Doug Hutchison and staggered so that all of America into a frenzy.

Even after the wedding, it did the blonde best to keep these new media presence. So they provided the public with not only regular permissive photos but also tried to push her singing career.

However, with limited success. All the more reason she should be happy about her latest project, it will certainly bring back a lot of media attention. Apparently, the Hollywood star has managed to pull herself to her own reality show on land. On Saturday, Courtney announced via Twitter that is, it would be so for the next three weeks filming in front of the camera.

Rather, the outspoken starlet revealed otherwise, not yet. You may be eager to see what surprises come up with the new format will.


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