Paula LaBaredas loses her panties in the pool

Paula LaBaredas

Actually Paula LaBaredas is relatively unknown in this country, thanks to the hot pool pictures the pretty blonde but could soon be here already on everyone's lips.

Paula is originally from Portugal and works both as a model and as an actress. So far, she is only in smaller roles. She was among other things already in "Showgirls 2: Penny's From Heaven"," Camel Spiders "," Bachelor Party 2 "and" National Lampoon's Cattle to see. "What we see now, however, the beauty could bring her some more male admirers.

When the 30-year old that is in a hotel pool was cooling, suddenly at the edge braced and held her upper body out of the water passed through the small but nonetheless hot mishap: slipped the tight bikini bottoms and provided a more than clear view of her bare ass - the itself, mind she, can definitely be seen in public.

After a few seconds and Paula noticed that something is not sitting right at the right place and she took off her bikini bottom up quickly again. After that only followed a sly smile. So everything is not so bad for Paula, yes already cheering for Euro 2012, the Portuguese national team in an extremely hot sports outfit.


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