Miley Cyrus is known as homosexual

Miley Cyrus

The American actress Evan Rachel Wood in the movie "Thirteen" held anno 2003, the award-winning lead role called Miley Cyrus as "homosexual".

But as Wood comes to this claim which she published on Twitter. The reason for this probably was Mileys new short hair hairstyle - a fact which certainly suggests homo-or "bisexuality".

Given the immense turmoil, the cause of this statement Evan Rachel Wood rowed back immediately and explained that she Miley and her fans did not want to offend. Understandable in a statement that is focused on ensuring Miley and capable of this expose.

Specifically Wood said: "Ok, so we do not misunderstand, I believe that one should be able to keep the humor in all things."

At the same time she admitted: "I myself am bisexual and I've always joked that Miley gives me a gay vibe."

Then yes but everything is fine.


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