Step Up: Sun played Kathryn & Ryan sexy scenes

Allen, where the summer of 2012 by far was not hot enough is now fired up again properly. For the fourth part of Step Up is in the starting blocks.

"Step Up: Miami Heat" comes to the movies on Thursday and sent Kathryn McCormick (22) and Ryan
Guzman (24) for big dance-off to Miami. Well educated, rich professional dancer in training hits the poor street dancers. Not a new story but the characters are brand new because they both collect her first acting experience in the strip.

Kathryn McCormick plays the role of Emily while Ryan Guzman plays the leader of a street dance crew called Sean. Celebrity Flash spoke with the two protagonists, and wanted to know what was their chemistry together.

"Kathryn is a great woman," admitted Ryan. "It was really great to play her lover and we know it very well." And of course we had to know: What was it like to play the sexy physical scenes?

After all, it is in the strip often very hot. During the whole sexy dance Action "At first it is a bit odd because a huge camera shows in the middle of your face and see so many people about you, but after a while you imagine just that no one is there. Then you are alone and do what you have to just make "

And Kathryn was not a problem but a challenge." I love it, just dancing all sides to show of me. Emily's introduction [to the gang by Sean] was present perhaps the greatest liberation of all. "

Well, we are curious to see how the sexy scenes will appear on the screen. Starting Thursday, anyone can convince them of the chemistry between the main characters on the big screen.


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