Overweight problems: Alexa No hope for the 215-pound mother?

Last week we were able to monitor Alexa Ivan worst case on TV. When the family of four consisting of the parents is Susanne (45), her husband and the twins Melissa and Paola (both 10) suffering mother and a daughter under very overweight.
Especially the weight of mother Susan was at 211 pounds at 1.75 meters extremely dangerous and gnawed at their self-confidence and even survives.
Your last resort seems the help of Alexa - I'll fight your pounds! to lie. But even the nutritionist Alexa was at her wits end quickly. Also in today's episode, no progress could be seen.
A quarter of a year after her first visit, she returned to Susan and her family, only to find that has happened since they are used very little. The small Paola has decreased only 800 grams and Susanne has actually increased over 4 kilos - even though the obese mother insisted to have kept to Alexas diet. Agree that this can not be, obviously, and the nutritional expert can pull this shrewd conclusion: "I do not think we managed that with our cooperation," must find Alexa.
Since Susan's problems are more profound and it is her disease does not act simply by being overweight but a true eating disorder, it is a duty to consult other experts. Alexa cares so for a place in a rehabilitation clinic, in the Susan and her children eight weeks expecting an all-around weight loss program including the much-needed psychological support. Also the first deterrent shared room Susanne finally takes into account and is determined to work on themselves. We wish them well!


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