Jennifer Lopez is set to nice guys

Jennifer Lopez
There are women who are on Bad Boys but Jennifer Lopez is definitely not about how she was betrayed in an interview with InStyle.
The singer is the cover girl for the September issue of the magazine and talked about love, hard times and to his mom about it.
"The most important quality that a woman must have in my life is that he should be nice. I like the good guys ... "And though Jennifer had bad luck with women, she does not listen to it, to believe in love.
But the hard times will pass eventually. She believes very strongly that God gives no one objects, which he has not grown and is growing it is precisely these tasks.
“You can not grow before something bad happens or difficult. And in these difficult moments when you feel the pain, you realize that you are growing it. You realize that there is no reason to have fear of something. No matter what happens, you will be fine after that.”
On 22 February 2008 gave Jennifer Lopez her twins Max and Elle to the world. And as a mom she is not too different from what millions of other mothers around the world.
“I feel the pressure of a great mother to be and to do the right thing for my children. I feel the pressure of knowing that you can not be great, even though you want it. I've learned that the mother or father to be the most important job is there. It does not matter who you are. You have to accept that as what it is.”


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