Lady Gaga: Real fur or not?

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is currently under harsh criticism from animal rights group PETA.
The singer was photographed outside of her concerts with a fur coat on the body which comes not get any love.
It is heard that some time ago on a very different way as the singer announced on Ellen DeGeneres, "I hate and I do not wear fur."
Now Gaga admitted the affair from even a short statement but declined in the same breath out with the truth out - namely whether it was real or fake fur.
Instead, she pulled it in front to lift the producer in the sky. On Twitter, she wrote, "To the press and those who write about it, if my fur is real ... please do not forget to mention the designer Hermes."
We have done that inevitably herewith. Nevertheless, the accusation is in the air and was not done away with; say even if fans are used galore for Lady Gaga and not the fur was real.
As the "Hollywood Reporter" reported is the French company produces even a false fur, so they are also incredibly expensive, and were already worn by stars like Kanye West. If so, then that would be a significant loss of image for the pop queen.
PETA wrote in an open letter to her, "While you are wearing those stupid furs during a heat wave, you make yourself the target, just like the mindless Kim Kardashian."


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