Amber Rose with bare baby bump on the cover

Amber Rose is a woman who loves the big occasion and the outrageous outfits. And also her ongoing pregnancy she does not stop them to dress fashionable or even to pose very freely.
She recently tweeted a snapshot of her tattooed baby bump and now it looks very much as though Amber share their happiness with each baby. Together with her beloved Wiz Khalifa namely it adorns the title of the magazine XXL and has been photographed only in underwear.
The pair looks like it wants to go to bed: she topless, she in a white shirt and matching panty. The round baby belly looks conspicuously out from under the fabric. Her joy at the young she could not hide it in the interview and said: "I am so ready! I want to have a natural water birth. I want to set them later. The next time Wiz is whining then, I say to him 'I gave birth to the baby.' "
But the couple that shows so publicly is already something special. Not infrequently hide her growing belly Celebrity Ladies and shield themselves from the public. Not as Amber, who is like the progress of her pregnancy to the public and is likely to show even in the ninth month is sexy.


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