The styling is not a Halloween costume!

Singer Kesha is famous for its often quite bizarre outfits. This week, she proved once again that they LadyGaGa and her ever-costume-like outfits probably in no way inferior. Although currently Halloween is celebrated, its creepy look was not inspired by the horror festival or even a disguise.

During the presentation of its new watch collection the "Tik Tok" singer appeared now Beverly Hills and even though this was a promotional event of watchmaker Baby G, looked at this outfit probably only a few are on the watch. In an ultra-tight gold shorts, she presented her well-toned legs, she reached optically additionally by high heels.

This she combined a velvet blazer and a black blouse. Other eye-catchers were jewelry and beauty styling of the eccentric star. Her right hand was adorned with ornate linked rings and their black and gold make-up ranged up into the hairline.

This styling Kesha would have also won easily every costume contest - who knows, maybe she went to the event even one of the many Hollywood Halloween parties.


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