Emma Watson: No need for British men

Emma Watson hot bra
Many women dream secretly by a British friend. Finally, the men of the island shall be polite, charming and very accommodating. Emma Watson seems to share this opinion is limited.

At least, she revealed on the TV show American Talkerin Ellen DeGeneres now that she is very happy with her American friend Will Adamowicz and even doubt whether data ever again be British. And for good reason.

The Englishmen had indeed actually good manners but that they were also very reluctant - often for several months, "Then they realize my presence to you. Then they are probably a bit mean. And only then do we, you know ... whatever."

The Americans were quite differently and would just ask for a date, if they had found in a woman's favor. An openness that the 21-year-old impressed. Only one thing did they find fault with the U.S. guys: "You wear flip-flops and I do not know if I like that," laughed Emma.


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