AnnaLynne McCord pulls tape from breast

What woman does not do anything to get the perfect look? Especially in show business is tricked like mad to get a nice look as flawless. Especially in Hollywood, there are therefore countless stylists who put celebrities in the scene and help them to glamorous appearances.

But not only have the celebs on the red carpet to show you what they. Also on the film sets the rules strict regiment: Who wants to be beautiful must suffer. So it was with AnnaLynne McCord that during the filming of the series 90210 had a pretty painful procedure to go through.

During a football game scene AnnaLynne joined as a cheerleader on the scene and secured using her tight bodice of adhesive tape on her bosom. After shooting she wanted this course as quickly as possible to get rid of back and courageously broke the transparent tape. But he was very persistent and would not be resolved quickly, so he pulled her skin with it.

That might have hurt, especially as the region is very sensitive around the chest. AnnaLynne could be any pain but not remark and drew quite the professional more vehemently. At the recalcitrant tape Very tough, the best!


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