Nicole Scherzinger: Gray mouse and still sexy

Just recently there were wild rumors of a new crisis in the recently reunited couple Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton. After these are now out of the way but, Nicole shines again as ever and all the worry lines are gone.

An alleged flirtation with R'n'B star Chris Brown denied the beautiful singer and now seemed to want to prove it with her outfit, she is no longer the wild Pussycat Girl is. When recording a TV show, they now appeared in a closed their standards very high and simple outfit.

She was wearing gray shorts and a matching color shirt with bright white Peter Pan collar. This she combined a black opaque tights and high heel wedges. She hid her eyes behind dark sunglasses.

Despite a lot of fabric and muted colors, a sophisticated outfit, which she proved that a gray mouse does not always have to be boring!


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