Justin Bieber surprises his "Belieber" when games test

Justin Bieber Just Dance
Justin Bieber loves his fan that’s not news. Whenever he can come up with the teen star fun activities for them. This time it was only a promotion for a new computer game but everyone had fun anyway.

Young girls were in groups recruiter to the new game "Just Dance 4" to try, in the songs of the young Canadian also occur. The test was successful for so long, to suddenly Justin himself in the doorway to the girls to miss the shock of a lifetime.

Then knew his "Belieber" namely barely a hold. She screamed cheered and fell to her idol around his neck which made ​​everything willingly endure. Afterwards, the singer even took the time to gamble with his fans the game. It was like a birthday, Christmas and Easter on the same day!

Even Justin Bieber himself was now a reason to cheer. He was nominated three times for the American Music Awards 2012 which will be awarded in November. For this reason he also taught an immediate call to his followers, who are strong vote for him.

On Twitter, he wrote, "Let us like crazy for the EMAs and vote for the AMAs! Team Bieber come together! Thank you! # Much Love ".


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