Tyra Banks: babies without men?

Tyra Banks
Tyra Banks wants to finally become a mother! The 38-year old model would for her desire for her own family even shorter step professionally. However, their lack of family formation probably still the right man for the rumors that she would her 14 years younger than America's Next Top Model judges Rob Evans Data, it is now acknowledged in the Steve Harvey Show.
"I'm not a woman who needs a much younger man. I'm really ready to have children. I want so much a baby! I've always wanted children, but I have since I was 27 years old, said: 'I want kids in three years.' And now I'm 28, "she joked. "No, of course I'm 38 - and I think it's time to slow. My eggs are otherwise too hard-boiled, be fried and stir - it's high time to bring them back to work "your humor Tyra Banks has not lost in any case, and the right man for her family wish they will surely find even more!


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