Diane Kruger reveals the secret of their relationship

Diane Kruger

Hardly a day goes by without a celebrity to the separation makes headlines. As regards the duration of a Star relationship, it seems that most celebrities do not really have patience.

It can also be different, as the relationship between the two Hollywood actresses Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson shows. For six years, the two are a happy couple with no scandals. That a relationship does not work and without compromise also knows the beautiful "Troy" actress. In an interview with the German glamour she talked about her love for Fringe performers and how the couple deal with problems: "the first time I have the feeling that I will not run away when the going gets tough.

Like all couples, we have ups and downs but for both of us is that we are more important than anything else. And that we want to work on it! "When the two of them argue, Kruger often falls back into her German accent. Your home is missing the dial Parisian often. "I miss Germany very often" to prevent homesickness, had disguised the 36-year one on her last visit with hundreds of kilograms of German coffee.

That Kruger will marry after her first failed marriage again is unlikely. Even without marriage she is with her American castmates very happy as the beautiful blonde in interviews repeatedly stressed.


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