Bar Refaeli naked in new commercial

Bar Refaeli

Sexy! for her first underwear collection sets Bar Refaeli (26) over backward. And since the model knows that sex sells waived, they equal to underwear and appears completely naked!

In the new commercial, which is obviously directed at the men, she pulls out all the stops and shows very sexy.

Wrote to the clip, the Israeli model "duper excited about the video! I hope you like it "Love Bar, we do not like it just - like love it!

Wearing only underwear and a shirt, mow the lawn Bar Refaeli, cleans the pool and playing baseball. But even this outfit is too much.

So she stands in front of the mirror is the top model completely naked! Gazes at such a, one or the other man forgets sure it goes in the spot to underwear that he should buy hard.


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