What man is cool enough for Lady GaGa?

Lady Gaga

With Lady GaGa seems not to have it easy - or difficult has it the singer about the men? That really is going on with the male sex at least so far not worked out, if you look at the past love affairs of the eccentric musician sees Sun With her on / off boyfriend Lüc Carl it has not, despite repeated attempts to work and, most recently, Lady GaGa separated from her sweetheart Taylor Kinney.

Whether this might have something to do with their special preferences? As the British Sun has learned Lady GaGa knows that is exactly what benefits should have their partners - at least in bed. There they stand on the dominant types: "In the bedroom I like now, when you tell me what to do."

But this was not always been so, for the confidence they had to work in the first place. "Everyone thinks I'm crazy this sexually charged pop music - which I'm also -. But I can only enjoy sex when I was older," Even a long-term relationship is not the time come for her question. "For anyone who got in my way, or has behaved destructively, I have broken off contact to me even more to focus on my music. Love for me is the fear-inspiring the world. "

Let's hope that discourage Lady GaGa from the existing setbacks in love and can not be off at once and takes time for the private. Finally, the career is not everything in life, and certainly there is also a matching lid for one of the craziest pop stars of our time.


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