Like you, Tom Cruise as the tattooed bad boy?

Tom Cruise

A real bad boy, or too much of a good thing? The new cover of W magazine splits a little mind as may seem so cool the whole image to fit all the tattoos do not quite yet as an actor and family man Tom Cruise (49).

With dramatic eye make-up, he makes even 30 Seconds to Mars singer Jared Leto (40) competition and also on the wild rocker mane and numerous tattoos, including the classic motifs dragon, heart, sun and a large cannon on the step of budding rock stars show was not waived.

Hung with chains and a large belt buckle at the deep-seated hot pants and two ladies who weave in the best groupie-style around the actor's image perfectly.

After all, he comes with this cover-shoot heavily promoted for his new movie "Rock of Ages" in which he embodies an absolute rock star. The musical drama comes to us on 14 June in the cinemas, but we will already know of you: Is this really a good stage stallion Bad Boy?


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