Charlize Theron is afraid of the red carpet

Charlize Theron

The Hollywood stars appear in the whole world premieres, and accustomed to face the flashbulbs of photographers present. But for actress Charlize Theron seem to be the red carpet still not become routine.

The 36-year-old South African beauty that only a few weeks ago adopted her first son confessed, now that they are indeed very pleased when her fans for her on the red carpet would come, but she still was nervous, as the first day. She told the British magazine Bang, "Red carpets are for me still the same when it comes to nervousness and excitement. I do not think this will ever change, because there simply is a lot of attention. "

But in the coming days must Charlize face their fears again and walk for the premiere of her new movie "Snow White And The Huntsmen" on the red carpet. About her role of the evil queen, she already revealed: "We wanted it to still be a human being. She had to be someone who had to struggle with an inner conflict. I think none of us is defined by only one thing, "One must have one of the talented actress though. Your insecurity on the red carpet they seem to be able to hide very well.


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