Rihanna came to her dream body below Sun!

The singer Rihanna repeatedly told her fans via Twitter through photos that her numerous liberal outfits, you could already admire the impeccable character of the 24-year-olds. But the "We Found Love" singer seems to be no appearance flown.

The British edition of Grazia magazine revealed Rihanna's fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, as he helped the musician to her dream body and ensure that it retains this also. "I always tell her that she should be careful to go at least 10,000 steps per day," he said, and revealed further that he was concerned about the singer for this even a pedometer.

He'll make sure they make every day a short workout: "I've done it a plan with a daily 25-minute workout that consists of five mini-workouts. She does these five days a week, no matter where in the world it just is. "
In addition to her training schedule Harley has also developed a diet plan for Rihanna, who claims that the singer will take over the day five small meals a day.

24-year-old Sexy Rihanna, who is an avowed fan of fast food not to abandon their beloved burger, has allowed the diet of their coach a "Mogel-day" per week on which they can indulge freely. Following this diet and exercise plan, it is almost evident that the singer is taking every opportunity to showcase their amazing bodies.


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