Khloé Kardashian: "Divorce is not an option!"

Khloé Kardashian

As it seems the distinction KimKardashian and her older sister Khloé Kardashian. With so much media hype, they probably had not counted on and that is why when you set very clear that a divorce between her husband, Lamar Odom and it absolutely is not an option.

But between the couple is really all right? Now take the two that is a break from her reality series called "Khloe Lamar." So the lovely Kardashian told the online page People: "I am a modern girl, yet the husband should come first. I like the idea that divorce is not an option."

"The reason for the pause goes television but rather out of Lamar, because this would concentrate more on his athletic career. 27-year-old Khloé said: "We want the priorities are a little bit. We want a little break. A portion of a marriage, it is also possible that one knows when the partner needs a little help. "And it seems that Lamar needs them now. Just last month he was on the inactive list for his team, "Dallas Mavericks" set.

Whether the marriage would survive another move if the team changes Lamar is questionable, because, according to an insider is not there Khloé very optimistic.

So said the source told "Their marriage would be over. You just do not believe that her marriage would survive another stressful move. . It's not like that they do not support Lamar, she followed him to Dallas already "Certainly the two just need a little bit time for yourself - to get back together now - without the cameras.


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