Jennifer Aniston: Will Justin his ex back?

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston might well be single again soon. According to latest rumors from Hollywood to her boyfriend Justin Theroux (40) bored in the relationship and is thinking about a separation. After he had recently moved to LA to Jennifer, he now longs for his old life back in New York. Jennifer is the poor broken again about the heart?

As the American magazine Star reported, Justin is not sure whether the relationship is right for him. "Even though Jennifer has knocked Justin with her charm, her sex appeal and its power, he now has the feeling that they do not fit together easily," a would-be insider revealed to the magazine. "The heyday is over. He wants his old home, his old love Heidi Bivens and his old life back. "

The actor will now repent of having betrayed his former girlfriend Jen. "Justin is admired as endured with dignity Heidi, than he has met with Jen behind her back while they still lived together - without them ever abusive and vindictive. Justin is full of remorse and he has also told Heidi, "the source continued. "Justin wants a family, but not with Jen." 43 years old actress Jennifer Aniston is still sexiest woman ever in the world.

It would certainly be a bitter blow for the actress, should the rumors are indeed. But who knows, has recently been so much written about the Hollywood couple - from weddings to separation to start a family - there should be careful to make a judgment prematurely. It remains to be seen again.


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