Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse auctioned 'blood-picture

Pete Doherty is already a little strange at times for his actions known, but his latest project brought him the displeasure of the fans of the now deceased Amy Winehouse († 27). The sleazy rocker is reportedly auctioning a painting on which he and Amy were jointly involved.

Special feature: Amy is said to have painted it with their own blood. In addition, it should be a self-portrait of the artist. The whole thing is for Winehouse fans really a desirable object, but not all of them were enthusiastic.

After rumors that Amy should not have immortalized themselves voluntarily to them, but have been compelled by Pete. That should have at least back then Amy told her father Mitch, as The Sun reported.

But certainly there will be some interested in the bizarre paintings titled "Ladylike". So far, it is assumed that the image of € 100,000 could come under the hammer. But up there are no limits and so Pete would certainly make a good deal.

After all, he probably wants to donate a portion of the revenues of the Foundation, Amy Winehouse, so be sure to show some of the applied forgiving fans.


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