John Cena: Rumgeknutsche before the divorce

John Cena

Two days ago there was the unexpected news that John Cena (35) divorced his wife, Liz Huberdeau, with whom he was married for three years, leave. Shortly afterwards, was also quite clear that this is probably not good is happening, especially since his wife took care of the right lawyer who also Linda Hogan (52) represented in the nasty divorce of Hulk Hogan (58).

Now TMZ reports that the mood was said to be about the marriage of the WWE jewel in the crown for some time very depressed. John would regularly talk to his friends backstage about the fact that it does not run well and shortly after his marriage 2009th Ironically, John Cena, however, has less than two months before his wife even joyfully kissed in public, as they sat in the front row of a WWE event. Outwardly no discord was palpable.

Even more ironic: Shortly before WrestleMania themed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (40) for the first time John Cena's wife on WWE TV and sang about it, they certainly do not thrilled about it is that John with WWE Diva Eve Torres (27) backstage about doing. At that time, probably just a stupid fun, but who would have thought that two months later the divorce really is on the table.

Or is there actually another woman in the game? In the tight tour schedule of the WWE superstars who really emphasized many times as he rarely came home, it would be more feasible as well. Perhaps it has even really sparked between him and the good Eve, with whom he had in the TV smooch hot. But that's really just pure speculation.

Speaking of speculation: John Cena's private fortune is estimated according to the Miami Herald on lush 18 million! There's really something to get for his estranged wife. While John may fear for their finances, we'll show you once again for the video clip smooching with Eve.


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