Shameless! "The Dictator" stripped bare bottom

She has been the separation of Jackass star Steve-O single again, but he actually has a wife and children - so why flirt Elisabetta Canalis and Sacha Baron Cohen falls on a yacht?

He punched from behind, she can from him thoroughly rub sun cream is, then lascivious his swimsuit forward to catch a glimpse of the interior and dedicated then his rump, which presents the comedian all too willingly. Seem a little weird these snapshots at sea but then on, finally you can imagine hardly a relationship between the two.

Do us not, for Elisabetta supported the British only in his promotion for his latest movie "The Dictator" and went to Cannes for this purpose. Together, Sacha and Elisabetta are currently a guest at the annual festival and let yourself be pampered by the wonderful scenery of the Côte d'Azur. That goes for the former, but only with a bit of fun, as he aptly demonstrates current. Finally, the wild seem to pose on the luxury ship less sexy, but funny.

But this is typical of the comedian who can never quite regain the seriousness, not even when a very attractive brunette is in a tight pink bikini in his arms.


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